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YARAY INTERNATIONAL CORP. established in 1994 and further in 2001 join-ventured with TAIGULF CO., LTD., a well reputable Taiwanese enterprise, and frequent winners of the Taiwan Excellence Awards and the Taiwan Excellent Product Design Awards, is a technology-oriented company, with its own advance professional technology on research and development, creating inventions, designs, and the improvement of industrial products, and collaborating vendors and partners to OEM or ODM, to have repetitively received national awards and various invention patents, utility model patents, design patents and other numerous to count.

Owing to the professional management and R&D teams in Taiwan for over decades, we have been exporting various Taiwanese excellent products, including DC related products, lighting and electric industrial products, high-end advanced electrical bicycles to the United States, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia and China. With the special commitments and honor, we have been leading domestic manufacturers in development and manufacturing quality products, marketing to major markets worldwide.

Upholding the faith of 'Altruism, Symbiosis, Respect, and Love' as our business philosophy, especially dedicated to the development of green energy industry. Our company logo shows inside the circle a ‘GP’ which represents "Green Power", i.e. green energy, meaning the natural resources created by the earth and with the earth. When the axis of the earth inclines by a degree of 23.5 rotating to follow the route of the solar universe, it symbolizes the harmonious endless operation of the great nature. We continuously devote ourselves in the attention and care for the earth environment, with the promise to participate ourselves with sustainable endeavor to protect the natural earth resources.

We sincerely look forward to working together with our partners for mutual benefits and to reach the faiths of 'Altruism, Symbiosis, Respect, and Love'.


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